2019 Yamaha Drive2

Carts & Clubs, Ocala Florida, continues to improve features and designs.

The 2019 3-Piece Folding Windshield is available exclusively on 2019 Yamaha Drive2’s

The changes included improved air flow and less maintenance of a vented windshield. By making the flipper style vents we also improved visibility and continued to lower the fold crease by an additional half inch this year.


Over the last 10 years, Carts & Clubs has lowered the windshield fold by 3 inches! There are still windshields out there with a blinding black higher fold.

Residents of The Villages® & Ocala Golfing communities require non obstructing views for added saftey features of their custom Yamaha golf carts. In this 3-Piece design, you can vent drivers side, passenger side or fold on one of those really hot golfing days . Carts & Clubs, Inc continues to improve the standards of custom golf carts in Central Florida.